Business is not financial science... it's about creating a product or service so good that people will pay for it.


Thinking about your customers

This half-day workshop is the first exercise for all new Startup clients I take on.

It is not optional, and can be broken down into five 1 hour sessions if your schedule demands it. Your commitment to this workshop tells me that you are serious about making your venture a success and will give us both a chance to gain deeper understanding of your future business.

This workshop its not just about your customers, its is also about your brand, where it fits in the marketplace, how it should look and feel, and many other things that will help you develop your products and services and give you a deep understanding of your intended customer base.

Startup Workshop 101

5 hours in one session (with 30 mins break) - GBP180.00 (save £70.00) Book Now

5 x 1 hour sessions over 5 weeks - GBP250.00 Book Now

This workshop will give you the understanding and a clear vision for your business, where it fits into the marketplace, its customers base and unique qualities that can be used to make your business stand out and appeal to your target audience. It will also give you a great understanding of how everything fits together and how you can grow all your starter resources as your business grows.

If you then chose to take advantage of one of my Startup Packages that include everything you will need to enter the marketplace - I will have a much deeper understanding of your brand, its direction, aspirations, market and so on, so that I am able to taylor your services in the best way possible. By the way, my Startup Package Prices will blow your mind! I make even further discounts for grouping services together and make a further discounts on the total price for brand new startups. I do this so we can grow together!


Lubiland’s start-up package for the small business represents excellent value for money, the service and designs are great, with everything being delivered on time and on budget. Lubi will ensure that all the essentials are covered, taking lots of the stress out of launching your new venture. Lubi's attention to detail and flexibility make her the ideal person to design your website. Lubi must be the most patient web-designer in the world as she managed to cope with me and my slightly different ideas. She managed to get my vision and create a fantastic Logo, stationary and website! Many thanks! I could not recommend it more highly! Ps: Lubi is fab!!!